About E-Discovery Day

All too often, e-discovery professionals operate in the background. Hot-shot litigators argue cases in court. Judges command attention from the bench. Even IT security pros and hackers get occasional headlines when a there’s a data breach.

In 2015, we decided that enough was enough. E-Discovery plays a critical—and growing—role in the legal process. After all, organizations spend almost $10 billion per year on e-discovery services. To get e-discovery, and the hard-working professionals who make it happen, the attention they deserve, we established E-Discovery Day.

Four years on, our annual celebration of e-discovery is bigger and better than ever. In 2018, 36 supporting organizations collaborated to host 19 webcasts and 14 live events across the country—and as far away as South Africa. It eclipsed our past participation records, with well over 3,000 participants registering for and attending events and webcasts throughout the day.

E-Discovery professionals deserve the recognition and opportunities to learn, network, and celebrate that E-Discovery Day brings. We truly appreciate your participation in this year’s celebration and look forward to connecting with you again next year.

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2018 Highlights

1,022 Attendees
404 Participants
36 Supporters
19 Webcasts
14 In-Person Events
1 Day