About E-Discovery Day

All too often, e-discovery professionals operate in the background. Hot-shot litigators argue cases in court. Judges command attention from the bench. Even IT security pros and hackers get occasional headlines when a there’s a data breach.

In 2015, we decided that enough was enough. E-Discovery plays a critical—and growing—role in the legal process. After all, organizations spend almost $10 billion per year on e-discovery services. To get e-discovery, and the hard-working professionals who make it happen, the attention they deserve, we established E-Discovery Day.

Four years, 37 webcasts, and 20 live events later, our annual celebration of E-Discovery is bigger and better than ever. With more than 25 supporting organizations, E-Discovery Day 2018 will certainly eclipse last year’s record of over 3,000 participants attending live and online educational events.

E-Discovery professionals deserve this day of networking, learning, and celebrating—and this year it’s December 4th. Join us at a live event or webcast. Or both if you’re able!

Happy E-Discovery Day 2018!

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E-Discovery Day By The Numbers

9 Webcasts
6 In-Person Events
28 Supporters
1 Day