DECEMBER 1st, 2022
Thank you to everyone who participated in the 8th annual E-Discovery Day!
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What is E-Discovery Day?

Eight years ago, Exterro created E-Discovery Day to highlight the growing importance of e-discovery in the legal process and to give e-discovery professionals a day dedicated to learning, networking, and celebrating their role.

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Thank You for a Great E-Discovery Day!

We appreciate all the hard work from our partners and the participation and enthusiasm of all the e-discovery professionals who make this a great day of fun, education, and networking! Scroll down to access on-demand recordings of our great educational webinars.

See you next year!

Judges Roundtable: 10 Best Practices for Maintaining Defensibility amidst Growing Data Risks

Ever curious on what tips judges would give you on your e-discovery process? In this webcast, learn from a panel of prominent federal judges on what 10 tips they would give e-discovery professionals based on recent case law, the FRCP and emerging data risks affecting e-discovery activities.

  • Mike Hamilton, VP of Marketing, Exterro
  • Hon. Joy Conti, Sr. US District Judge, W.D. Pennsylvania
  • Hon. William Matthewman, US Magistrate Judge, S.D. Florida
  • Hon. Charmiane Claxton, US Magistrate Judge, W. Tennessee
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The 411 on Special Masters and Discovery Mediators

EDRM has just introduced a brand new “Special Masters and Discovery Mediators Bench Book” with participation from many judges and special masters. Join us to learn more about the role of special masters and discovery mediators and how they are helpful to the court, parties in litigation, and the efficient administration of justice. We will provide a link to download the Bench book for attendees.

  • Jay Yelton, Counsel, Warner Norcross + Judd
  • Dr. Maura Grossman, Professor and E-Discovery Lawyer and Special Master, University of Waterloo
  • Hon. Kristen Mix, US Magistrate Judge, D. Colorado
  • Hon. Andrew Peck (ret.), Senior Counsel, DLA Piper
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The 7 Most Important E-Discovery Cases of 2022

On E-Discovery Day 2022, it's only fitting that we look back over the year that's coming to an end and review the most important e-discovery case law rulings of the year. Join Doug, Mary, Tom, and Judge Peck for a lively discussion that will cover the key lessons you need to know for your e-discovery cases in 2023.

  • Doug Austin, Founder and Editor, eDiscovery Today
  • Mary Mack, CEO and Chief Legal Technologist, EDRM
  • Tom O'Connor, Director, Gulf Legal Technology Center
  • Hon. Andrew Peck (ret.), Senior Counsel, DLA Piper
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2022 Survey Results: The State of Collaboration Data & Corporate Readiness

ACEDS and Hanzo have partnered for the third consecutive year to survey the market use of collaboration data in ediscovery and litigation. During this webinar, we’ll share the 2022 collaboration data benchmark results. Over the past three years, the use of collaboration platforms has solidified their importance for enterprises supporting remote and hybrid working environments, and case law has validated collaboration data’s relevance and proportionality for ediscovery. The panelists will discuss these essential survey findings and analyze what these benchmarks suggest regarding organizational preparedness for responding to preservation and discovery obligations.

  • Moderator Michael Quartararo, President, ACEDS and Professional Development
  • Dave Ruel, Head of Product, Hanzo
  • Lawrence Briggi, Manager e-Discovery Legal Specialist Team, IBM
  • Ryan M. Zilm, CEDS, CIP, CRM, IGP, MBA, FAI, Enterprise Records Manager, Motiva
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